RESIDENTS in Knutsford are now able to report drivers obstructing pavements or parking on double yellow lines on a new online police system.

Operation Park Safe is a project which allows members of the public to report public illegal parking problems through a Cheshire Police website.

Residents can upload videos and photographs of offending vehicles to the website where they will be assessed by an experienced traffic officer.

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Following a successful pilot across Crewe, the scheme is now being rolled out across Cheshire.

Sgt Russell Sime said: “Road safety is always an important issue to members of the public and I am pleased the pilot of Operation Park Safe was successful.

“We cannot be everywhere so this initiative relies on the help of active citizens to aid us in making the roads safer.”

To report issues visit

Residents will need to provide a written statement about the offence, including the date and time it happened.

This can be completed electronically.

You will need to provide your name, address, date of birth and contact details, and you may be required to attend court if the matter is contested.

Residents are advised not to challenge the driver or get involved in confrontation or put yourself at risk to obtain a photograph.