EXASPERATED residents fear someone could be killed or serious injured at a 'hazardous' zebra crossing.

Campaigners have been relentlessly complaining about a ‘very dangerous’ crossing on the busy A537 through Chelford Village.

A community speed watch group captured 93 drivers speeding in just one hour during a road safety check last year.

Villagers claim the crossing is in the wrong place and often hidden by parked vehicles.

Campaigner Anne Gerhard said: “Drivers come on to it so quickly, they don’t know it’s there.

“The zebra is located opposite Chelford Farm Supplies and it intended to provide a safe location for pedestrians to cross the road, but sadly, the opposite is true.

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“I was involved in a ‘near accident’ when a speeding car barely managed to brake in time.

“I was crossing and the driver didn’t see me because of cars parked outside shops.

“I’d just put two steps out, he screeched and I jumped back.

“This is happening all the time.”

One day Anne came to the rescue of a disabled woman.

“I saw a lady in a wheelchair negotiating round parked lorries trying to cross the road.

“I saw a car coming, ran and put my arm out to stop it.

“This is very hazardous.

“Despite repeated complaints to Cheshire East Council by residents and parish councillors, nothing is being done about this.

“How can it be that a fatality would need to happen on a deadly crossing before anything is done to provide a safer alternative?”

Another speed watch volunteer said: “93 excessively speeding vehicles were noted over a 60-minute period during 2023.

"Many offenders have been caught at speeds of, on one occasion, up to 67mph.”

A spokesman for Cheshire East Council said: “We undertook traffic and speed surveys on both crossing approaches in September 2023.

“The crossing location did not meet the criteria for a crossing upgrade, set out under our current policy.

“We also attended site in December 2023, to further investigate the issues and have been working with the police to consider any further action.

“We did not observe any pedestrian difficulties, traffic speeding or drivers not stopping at the crossing.

“Officers observed issues due to drivers parking temporarily on the footway, on either side of the road near to the crossing, in order to visit the existing businesses.

“This reduces visibility and necessitates overtaking.

“We have raised these issues with the police and, should they identify any measures that need to be taken to help with their enforcement, we will work closely with them.

We will continue to keep a crossing under review.”