A NEW sweet treat recipe has been created to put Knutsford on the map.

To sit alongside the Eccles cake, Bakewell tart and Chelsea bun we now have the ‘Knutsford Knud’!

A 'mouthwatering' combination of biscuits, nuts and cereal, rolled up in smooth chocolate, was the winning recipe at a tasting day to find the town’s ultimate sweet treat.

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Hattie Cufflin, owner of Hot Cocoa on King Street, has teamed up with Hannah Locke, of Scene in Knutsford, a website that promotes the town, to run the campaign.

Knutsford Guardian: The Knutsford Knud, a combination of biscuit, nut and cereal all rolled up with smooth chocolateThe Knutsford Knud, a combination of biscuit, nut and cereal all rolled up with smooth chocolate (Image: Hannah Locke)

The name ‘Knud’ is a nod to the town’s history as many believe Knutsford is derived from the Danish King Canute.

Hannah said: “When we asked for suggestions, people included the word ‘Canute’ which is the Anglicised version of Knud.

“Hence we chose the short, catchy name which remains synonymous with Knutsford.”

The pair hope the new no-bake, one bowl treat will now inspire cafes, restaurants and pubs to come up with their own unique tweeks, perhaps as cakes, biscuits or even cocktails.

Hannah said: “There is a base recipe but businesses can now put their own spin on it by adding different flavours.

“The idea is to eventually have a trail.

“We want to make it a bit of fun for people to go round and visit the different hospitality venues in the town to try the various versions of Knuds.”

Families are encouraged to have a go at home.

Hannah said: “It is a mouthwatering combination of biscuits nuts and cereal, rolled up in smooth chocolate, with added flavours to really tantalise the tastebuds.

"And as it’s a no bake, one bowl recipe you can make it with kids.

“It lends itself to many variations which can be easily adapted to suit personal tastes.

“We’ve added ginger and orange and people are loving it.

“You could also change the nuts to walnuts or try a different type of biscuit.”

If you fancy making your own version, visit the blog at sceneinknutsford.com for the recipe.

Hattie, a talented chocolatier and pastry chef, has been developing lots of different recipes, such as adding pistachio and orange. 

A no-nut version, white chocolate and some seasonal twists will be coming soon.

Hattie said: “We had a fantastic response to our taste testing.

“The shop was busy all day.”

Hattie is now serving the treat in her shop, Hot Cocoa on King Street.