KNUTSFORD Town Council is to consider a request from the borough council to stump up thousands of pounds a year to help save its leisure centre.

Cheshire East has asked the town council to pay an annual contribution, or 'top-up' of £29,878 to help keep the leisure centre running.

The borough council says the figures equate to a contribution of 15 per cent of the average corporate landlord costs over the last three years.

A full town council meeting is taking place on Monday, January 15, where the request will be discussed.

A report on the Knutsford Town Council agenda states: “It was explained [by Cheshire East] that there are multiple options being explored to deliver the required budget savings to enable the retention of leisure centres and that one option would be for town councils to safeguard their leisure centre by making a financial contribution to the service costs.

It adds: “This contribution may be required as part of a funding mix - including increased charges, changes to offers, etc - or it may not.

“Council should consider whether it wishes to include provision within the 2024/25 budget to make a funding contribution.

“This would be on the basis that a final decision would be taken once the council is in receipt of more detailed information and has a clearer understanding of the impact of providing/not providing the funding i.e. whether it is critical to prevent a closure of the leisure centre.”

There was a public backlash last year when Cheshire East Council announced it intended to consult on proposals to close four of its smaller leisure centres - Knutsford, Middlewich, Poynton and Holmes Chapel.

As a result, at November’s environment and communities meeting, the committee scrapped plans for that consultation and instead decided to launch a public consultation seeking other cost-cutting measures within the service.

The meeting takes place at 7pm in the Lower Council Chamber of the Council Offices.