POLICE have cracked down on 'inappropriate' drivers in Wilmslow.

PCSO James Morris has been patrolling around Ashdene Primary School this week in a bid to stamp out poor parking.

So far eight motorists have been punished or warned for their parking, which police say could pose a danger to schoolchildren.

PCSO Morris, of Wilmslow West and Chorley Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “The last three days have seen me patrolling around the area of Ashdene Primary School during drop-off and pick-up periods with a view to enforcing an improvement in road safety.

“Currently, inappropriate driving and parking by drivers is creating a risk to pedestrians - most of whom are young schoolchildren - and congestion for other vehicles.

“This has been raised as a priority, particularly by local residents, and it's really important that if you want action to continue that you tell us.”

In total, three vehicle has been issued Fixed Penalty Notices for obstructing junctions.

A further two vehicles have been handed Fixed Penalty Notices for obstructing pavements.

Meanwhile, PCSO Morris has also advised three drivers about the 'manner' of their parking.

Anyone wishing to make police aware of what issues in particular need focusing on can do so by filling out a survey at https://orlo.uk/LirDc.