A NEW fresh range of meals are now being offered to elderly and vulnerable people - on their own doorstep.

The Welcome runs a Meals on Wheels service in Knutsford, delivering hot meals and desserts, Monday to Friday.

For the first time, the charity is launching freshly prepared meals that people can reheat at home and eat later in the day.

It also means people can order extra meals on a Friday for the weekend.

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But this community project is much more than just providing nourishment.

For many older people who live alone it provides a lifeline to make sure that they are safe and well.

Simon Carin, chairman of trustees at The Welcome, said: “Some people don’t see anybody day to day.

“Our friendly and compassionate delivery team of staff and volunteers who call in with a meal are very experienced.

“They take the time to check in with each person, offering a personal touch.

“They can tell from a conversation if that person needs any assistance.

“That’s the bit that is important to us.”

Any areas of concern are highlighted to next of kin or medical services where appropriate.

The Welcome has a wealth of knowledge, expertise and contacts to help people seek help from a wide range of health and wellbeing services.

Simon said: “Our primary goal is to ensure that vulnerable older people in our community have access to the support they need and aren’t feeling isolated.

“We not only deliver delicious and nutritious meals to their doorstep, we also provide a daily touch point and social interaction.

“We understand that a friendly face and a kind word can make all the difference to brightening up someone’s day and alleviating the feelings of loneliness.”

All the meals are carefully crafted by trained professionals, ensuring that each dish contains essential nutrients.

Knutsford Guardian: Fiona Halford and Suzanne Tamsarei preparing Meals on Wheels at The WelcomeFiona Halford and Suzanne Tamsarei preparing Meals on Wheels at The Welcome (Image: The Welcome)

Simon added: “We carried out a survey and many of our customers said they would prefer to eat their hot meal later in the day.

“Some said they would like to buy two meals ahead, especially for the weekends.

“Now, they can have a mixture of whatever they want.”

A menu offers a wide variety of meals and desserts for people to choose from.

Hot meals and a dessert are available for £6.50.

Fresh meals ready to heat are £5.50 each or two for £10.

Simon said: “Cooking for one is a hassle and many people who live alone don’t want to be bothered and end up snacking.

“But it is important that they have at least one decent meal every day.

“For people who work and have elderly parents who live alone, we can give them peace of mind.

“We can ensure that their loved ones have seen someone during the day and have a freshly prepared meal.”

To order Meals on Wheels call The Welcome on 01565 750905.