THE most commonly stolen vehicle in Wilmslow is a BMW, statistics have revealed.

Audis, Mercedes, VWs and Range Rovers are the next most popular with thieves.

Wilmslow Police are warning drivers to be vigilant in the run-up to Christmas and improve security on their vehicles.

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A car is stolen in the UK every five minutes, according to the latest figures from the DVLA.

Knutsford Guardian: BMWs are the most commonly stolen cars in WilmslowBMWs are the most commonly stolen cars in Wilmslow (Image: Web)

And black cars are the most specifically targeted colour for theft.

There has been a huge rise in the percentage of SUVs taken, with the Range Rover and Land Rover Discovery both in the top 10 most stolen vehicles.

Knutsford Guardian: There has been a huge rise in the number of Range Rovers stolenThere has been a huge rise in the number of Range Rovers stolen (Image: Web)

A spokesman for Wilmslow Police posted on social media: "Any vehicle can be susceptible to thieves if your security is not up to standard but if you own one of the most commonly stolen vehicles, it is is especially important that you consider putting in place additional security measures."

Hi-tech methods thieves use to overcome vehicle security systems are becoming more sophisticated.

Knutsford Guardian: Mercedes are also being targeted by thievesMercedes are also being targeted by thieves (Image: Web)

Current techniques for stealing a car include key cloning or relay theft, where transmitters are used to intercept the security signal from a car and redirect it to a second transmitter which is then directed at the car.

Here are some tips to help protect your vehicle from thieves.

Fit a steering wheel lock. Some use a key code rather than a physical key.

Keep your vehicle keys in a faraday pouch to prevent the signal being cloned.

Consider installing collapsible driveway bollards or security posts.

Make sure your vehicle is parked in a secure location, such as a locked garage or gated area.

If this isn’t possible, park in a well-lit busy area where potential thieves can be seen.