MUMS were treated to a styling session and fashion photoshoot as part of a special celebration.

Three businesses all run by mums teamed up to make them look and feel amazing.

The modelling experience was held to mark The Mum Club Knutsford reaching 5,000 followers.

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The group is a part of a national network, which creates local, social events that put mums first.

Founder Knutsford mum Alex Molloy, who has a five-year-old daughter, said: “This event was all about empowering our five mums, who are at different stages of motherhood.

“Being a mum is tough and it can feel quite isolating.”

The 39-year-old explained why she set up the club.

Knutsford Guardian: Alex Molloy, founder of Mum Club KnutsfordAlex Molloy, founder of Mum Club Knutsford (Image: Copper and Olive Photo)

“I struggled with pre and post-natal anxiety and post-natal depression and isolation played a huge part in this.

“We moved away when I was pregnant and I underestimated the enormity of becoming a mum and not having my ‘village’.

“I joined a playgroup and got involved in the committee and began to see the great power in women coming together and supporting one another.

“I moved to Knutsford in October 2021 and wanted to find ways to meet other mums.”

Alex is proud to see her club giving women more confidence.

“I love to see them come together to meet new friends,” she said.

Sophie Leyland was keen to meet other mums when she moved to Knutsford.

Knutsford Guardian: Sophie Leyland was new to Knutsford and wanted to meet other mumsSophie Leyland was new to Knutsford and wanted to meet other mums (Image: Copper and Olive Photo)

She said: “I hate meeting new people and was anxious before my first event but I had an amazing time.

“The majority of mums were also on their own, so it was really easy to break the ice.

“It’s made motherhood a less isolating and more enjoyable experience.”

Laura Whittaker, who has a nine-month-old son, said: “It’s about recognising that you’re all in it together.

Knutsford Guardian: Laura Whittaker said the club had helped restore her confidenceLaura Whittaker said the club had helped restore her confidence (Image: Copper and Olive Photo)

“This forced me to go out, socialise and get some confidence back.

“It was nice to get dressed up, make an effort for the first time in ages and meet other mums in the same situation.”

Caroline Lynch discovered the club when a friend shared a post on Instagram.

She said: “It was something exciting to look forward to and a lovely excuse to get dressed up as you don’t get to that much as a mum.

Knutsford Guardian: Veterinary nurse Caroline Lynch said the fashion shoot was 'a massive treat'Veterinary nurse Caroline Lynch said the fashion shoot was 'a massive treat' (Image: Copper and Olive Photo)

“It made me realise that you can enjoy spending time in an adult environment, even with your baby in tow.”

Emma Gibson said: “The Mum Club has such a welcoming vibe. Alex is always on the door and greets you like an old friend.

“It’s been nice for me to do something for myself, a real treat and some much-needed me time.

“It’s been good to meet people, share experiences, get tips and have someone to moan to.

“For me, it’s normalised the experience and emotions of being a mum and given me confidence.”

The photoshoot gave mums the chance to get glammed up and find out which clothing styles suited their changing bodies.

Knutsford Guardian: Emma Gill, one of five mums pampered and treated to a fashion shoot at The CourthouseEmma Gill, one of five mums pampered and treated to a fashion shoot at The Courthouse (Image: Copper and Olive Photo)

Knutsford-based stylist Laura Davies, of Smook Styling, said: “I know how easy it is to lose your identity when you’ve had a baby.

“I want to help women feel fabulous, confident and stylish, and also embrace their changing body shape.

“I picked out two gorgeously flattering outfits for each mum, one which was a safer option and another which would push them out of their comfort zone, and I was thrilled with the results.”

Caroline added: “My body shape has changed a lot so it’s definitely time for a reboot.

“I’m a veterinary nurse and spend a lot of time in scrubs or my mum uniform of leggings and a hoodie so getting dressed up, chatting to the other mums and having my make-up done has been a massive treat.

“I never would’ve picked the outfits that Laura selected for me, but I love them both and have ended up buying them!”

Make-up artist Kitty Maloney, from Knutsford, was on hand to pamper the mums with a makeover.

Knutsford Guardian: Laura Maclean, Laura Davies, Alex Molloy and Kitty MaloneyLaura Maclean, Laura Davies, Alex Molloy and Kitty Maloney (Image: Copper and Olive Photo)

The mum-of-two said: “When you’re a mum you’re never a priority and always last in the pecking order so it’s nice to do something for yourself.

“Hopefully, having their make-up done and wearing something that they wouldn’t normally wear has given the mums a real confidence boost and made them feel like they’d like to go out somewhere afterwards.”

Laura Maclean of Copper and Oliver Photo, knows all too well that mums are always the ones behind the camera.

She said: “I want to encourage women to step into the frame and be present in their children’s memories.”