A KNUTSFORD driver has become one of the first patients to have eye surgery at a new treatment centre.

Gordon Thompson had cataract surgery on his left eye at Community Health and Eyecare, CHEC.

The clinic marked a clinical milestone this week after treating its first surgical eye patients at the recently opened Stockport Exchange site.

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The 76-year-old can’t wait to see better in the dark and regain independence by being able to drive his car.

Mr Thompson said: “All went well.

“The service was really good, the staff were friendly and I even had a cup of tea and a biscuit.”

Working in partnership with the NHS, CHEC is helping to reduce waiting times by making essential treatments in Stockport and the surrounding areas more accessible in the community.

Hospital manager Erin Broad said: “The waiting time for cataract surgery in Stockport is currently seven to nine weeks.

“By choosing CHEC, patients can access treatment within just four weeks.

“Patient choice and care are front and centre of our operations.

“We’ve developed a wide range of initiatives to make it easier for people to access the healthcare services they need.

“But the most rewarding part is seeing the impact our community-based healthcare has on people like Mr Thompson.”

To learn more accessing treatments CHEC provides in partnership with the NHS, visit chec.uk or call 0344 264 4160.

The state-of-the-art community care facility was opened by Stockport Cllr Colin MacAlister, cabinet member for economy, regeneration and housing last month.

More than 300 patients have already attended the centre for diagnostic appointments.