A FATHER-OF-TWO died following a 'moment of madness' which resulted in a fatal crash.

Jack Taggart died aged 39 after crashing a stolen car into a horse box on Mobberley Road in Knutsford on April 15 this year - what would have been his late brother’s birthday.

At an inquest held on Thursday (October 12), it was heard that Jack, whose usual address was given as Chapel Street in Northwich, had been struggling with his mental health following his younger brother’s death 'under difficult circumstances'.

In the week before the crash Jack, who was born in London and moved to Knutsford at aged 10, had been staying with a friend, Laura Oldham, who described him as a 'happy and funny character'.

On the day of his death, April 15, Jack had gone to visit his brother Sam’s grave with family before heading to a Wetherspoon pub.

The inquest heard from Steven Taggart, Jack's father, who said the death had a 'profound effect on his son', who 'found it very hard to come to terms with'.

Laura, who last spoke with Jack over the phone at around 8pm, 'could tell he had been drinking'.

“I was shocked when I heard what had happened, he was doing so well," she said. "When I heard about the circumstances, I was surprised as Jack doesn’t drive.

“I think it must have been a moment of madness.”

Shortly after that call, Jack stole a dark green Jaguar XJ belonging to a man delivering food in Knutsford Road, Wilmslow, for a friend's takeaway business.

Hitting the owner with the car as he drove off, Jack continued until just before 8.30pm when he crashed into a horse box outside Shaw Heath Social Club in Mobberley Road.

A report from the collisions investigator stated the evidence, which includes witnesses describing the car as being 'a blur' and sounding 'like a fighter jet', suggested Jack was travelling in excess of speed limit, but likely below 83mph.

The report adds Jack had moved into the wrong lane shortly before the crash and while they cannot be certain why, it is possible the speed of the vehicle and his intoxication were contributing factors.

Chloe Edgar, who had been driving the blue Scania horse box, said she tried to move out of the way when she saw Jack coming towards her.

Concluding, assistant coroner Elizabeth Wheeler said: “For reasons known only to Jack, he took the car.

“He was travelling either at or above the speed limit. Witnesses say the car was ‘like a blur’.

“In the moments before the crash, Jack was travelling at speed in the middle of the road.

“Jack had consumed alcohol and was almost double the drink-drive limit.

“He died as a result of multiple injuries due to a road traffic collision.

“The collision was caused by the nature of the way he was driving the car, which was not his own, and contributed to by alcohol and cannabis.

“The driver of the other vehicle could not have taken any steps to avoid the collision.”

She added the evidence suggests Jack would have died immediately.