DRIVERS are being reminded not to cause obstructions.

The warning comes as police issued more fixed penalty notices on cars parked on pavements over the weekend.

A vehicle left on the footpath on South Oak Lane, Wilmslow, was issued with a ticket.

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Minutes later, another vehicle was reported causing an obstruction in Alderley Edge.

Police issued two fixed penalty notices within six minutes.

Cheshire Police have been warning parents about illegally parking outside schools.

Yet cars are continuing to stop on double yellow lines, zigzags and pavements.

Drivers are warned they could face a fixed penalty notice if they park illegally in any ‘keep clear’ zones.

Police were called to several near misses at schools in Knutsford and Wilmslow within the past week.

A spokesman for Cheshire Police said: “Despite police advice, some parents continue to ignore the signs.

“Please park somewhere else safe and walk to avoid unnecessary accidents.”