PARENTS are still parking illegally outside schools, warn Cheshire Police.

Cars are continuing to stop on double yellow lines and zigs, despite safety warnings.

Drivers could face prosecution as number plates are being taken.

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A spokesman for Knutsford Police said: “During the school run this morning (Wednesday) some vehicles were seen dropping children off on double yellows and zigzags right outside St Vincent de Paul Primary School.

“Despite police advice, some parents continue to ignore the signs.

“All the registration plates have been noted.

“Please park somewhere else safe and walk to avoid any unnecessary accidents.”

Police were called to St Benedict’s Primary School in Wilmslow last week after a near crash.

Schools across Knutsford and Wilmslow are experiencing problems with parking.

Drivers are warned they could face a fixed penalty notice if they park on double yellow lines or in a school ‘keep clear’ zone.

Anyone obstructing junctions, driveways or pavements also risks being fined.