RISHI Sunak has been praised for scrapping HS2.

Esther McVey, MP for Tatton, has said stopping high-speed railway at Birmingham is the “right” move.

The Prime Minister confirmed the plans today at the Conservative Party Conference, pledging to invest £36 billion into “hundreds of new transport projects in the North, Midlands, and across the country”.

Reacting to the news, Ms McVey said: “The Prime Minister was right to stop HS2 at Birmingham.

“I have long said HS2 was an unnecessary vanity project, sucking the life out of transport links across the north. Instead, the Prime Minster has now made a massive commitment to transport in the north, investing, £36bn to the much-needed east to west connection - so linking all our great northern cities, as well as investing money into local transport too.”

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Knutsford Guardian: Rishi Sunak confirmed the plans to scrap HS2 at the Conservative Party ConferenceRishi Sunak confirmed the plans to scrap HS2 at the Conservative Party Conference (Image: PA)

Ms McVey added that HS2 would have been “devastating” for Cheshire and would have resulted in Wilmslow being cut off from London.

 “HS2 has become an embarrassment, an outdated infrastructure project along with spiralling costs and only Rishi Sunak has had the strength of character to say so,” she said.

“Since lockdown, more and more people are jumping on Zoom than a train for a meeting saving both time and money. Economically, environmentally, and technologically HS2 has had its day. 

“HS2 was particularly devastating for Cheshire as it cut through swathes of countryside and destroyed local villages.

“Wilmslow too would have lost its link to London so increasing time and cost to local residents.”

Prime Minister Sunak said they “will reinvest every single penny" saved from HS2, which he says is £36 billion pounds.

"Every region outside of London will receive the same or more government investment than they would have done under HS2, with quicker results," he added.

"With our new Network North, you will be able to get from Manchester to the new station in Bradford in 30 minutes. Sheffield in 42 minutes, and to Hull in 84 minutes on a fully, electrified line."

"I challenge anyone with a straight face to tell me that that isn't what the north really needs."

However, the Prime Minister's announcement hasn't been welcomed by all.

Mick Whelan, general secretary of the train drivers’ union Aslef, said: “That Rishi Sunak has chosen to announce, in Manchester, that his Government is killing off the dream of HS2, turning his back on the north, and is no longer interested in levelling up, is, almost, beyond parody.

“He is, yet again, selling Britain short. This is bad news not just for the railway, and the economy, but for Britain. The sooner he takes his helicopter home – the last chopper out of Saigon – the better for Britain."