A BRAVE young boy hailed ‘a warrior’ by his family is embarking on an epic challenge to help others.

William Facchin is mounting a 15-mile charity bike ride for Diabetes UK to raise awareness and fund research for this chronic disease.

The eight-year-old, from Wilmslow, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in January last year.

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Knutsford Guardian: William has been hailed a 'warrior' by his family as has taken his chronic illness in his strideWilliam has been hailed a 'warrior' by his family as has taken his chronic illness in his stride (Image: Supplied)

Mum Sam said: “William became very unwell. He was constantly thirsty, losing weight and constantly going to the bathroom.

“From the minute we were sent to A&E, our lives completely changed.

“William’s whole world was turned upside down.”

Knutsford Guardian: William playing with Valentina, the family's pugWilliam playing with Valentina, the family's pug (Image: Supplied)

Type 1 diabetes occurs when your pancreas is not producing insulin, so this has to be given artificially by injection or pump.

To begin with, William had to learn how to cope with daily finger pricks and up to 12-15 injections a day to manage his condition round the clock.

For the past month, he has had a constant glucose monitor (CGM), a small device attached to his arm that senses how much glucose is in the fluid under his skin to detect his sugar levels.

This machine sends readings by Bluetooth to an omnipod pump, fitted to his other arm, which administers insulin whenever necessary.

“William is fortunate enough and very grateful to our wonderful NHS to wear a CGM and omnipod,” said Sam.

“The monitor talks to the pump.

“Through tough times, William has made us even more proud than we ever imagined possible.

“We call William our ‘warrior’ because he is a strong little boy and just gets on with everything.

“He has adapted to all of this so well.

“He is always smiling, never gets fed up and always wants to help somebody else.”

Everything William eats or drinks has to be meticulously monitored.

Knutsford Guardian: 'William is always smiling''William is always smiling' (Image: Supplied)

A low blood sugar, also called hypoglycaemia or a ‘hypo’ can occur when the level of glucose in blood drops too low.

“This can be very dangerous,” said Sam.

“It can cause trembling, sweating, dizziness and a fast heartbeat.

“The main cause of a low blood sugar level is diabetes medicine, skipping meals or intense exercise.

"To treat this, quickly have some sweets or a sugary drink. Then have your main meal, if it's time, or a carbohydrate snack.

“William never puts anything into his mouth without asking.

“If he goes to parties, I have to ask what food will be served to work out the carbs.”

William will be riding his bike with stepdad Adam from Higher Farm in Byley to his home on October 5 and has already raised £400.

To donate visit justgiving.com/page/wildwarriorwill-facchin-1695558906751

“William has a passion for cycling and said he wanted to help other people like him,” said Sam.

Knutsford Guardian: William with pugs Boris and ValentinaWilliam with pugs Boris and Valentina (Image: Supplied)

“He is one of the most caring, considerate boys you will ever be fortunate enough to meet.”

Brother Rory, 15, and two-year-old twins Gianni and Ophelia give him constant support.

Knutsford Guardian: 'Wherever William is Albie is''Wherever William is Albie is' (Image: Supplied)

The family's two pugs Boris and Valentina love being with him.

William also has a special cat called Albie.

Knutsford Guardian: William and his beloved cat, AlbieWilliam and his beloved cat, Albie (Image: Supplied)

“Albie has a sixth sense,” said Sam. “He is like a therapy cat.

“The cat circles Will and lies on him before the alarm goes off.

Knutsford Guardian: William and his cat Albie are always togetherWilliam and his cat Albie are always together (Image: Supplied)

“Wherever William is Albie is. He is incredible.”