PARENTS who park illegally are being warned by police that they could face penalty fines.

Officers were called to St Benedict’s RC Primary School on Hall Road in Wilmslow after a near crash yesterday, Wednesday.

Wilmslow Police posted: “More school parking and I’ve been at St Benedict’s following a close call, with a vehicle nearly reversing into a pedestrian.”

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Police were called to Handforth Grange on Ullswater Road, Wilmslow, this morning, Thursday, after a car was left blocking the pavement at a give way junction.

A police spokesman said: “Please remember to keep junctions clear, leaving enough room on the pavements for a double width pram to pass and do not park on a zigzag line.”

Schools across Knutsford have also experienced problems with parking.

Drivers are warned they could face a fixed penalty notice if they park on double yellow lines or in a school ‘keep clear’ zone.

Anyone obstructing junctions, driveways or pavements also risks being fined.