AN airline passenger has been charged with possession of a firearm at Manchester Airport.

Police were called after a gun was found in hold luggage by airport security staff.

The incident happened at around 10.45am on Sunday, September 3.

Manchester Airport has confirmed that a man was arrested after routine security checks discovered an undeclared firearm in his hold luggage, which had been checked in prior to his flight to the United States.

After initial inspection by airport security staff, Greater Manchester Police officers attended, and the firearm was seized.

A 53-year-old man was arrested for possession of a firearm and taken into custody for further questioning.

A spokesman for GMP Police said: "Brian McIntyre, from America, was later charged with possession of a firearm and possession of ammunition for a firearm without a certificate.

"McIntyre appeared at Stockport Magistrates court this morning, Monday, where he was further remanded into custody.

"He is next due to appear at Manchester Crown Court on Monday, October 9."