BINS overflowing with rubbish are constantly blocking a pavement in Knutsford, say incensed residents.

These pictures show bins crammed full of waste, lined up two abreast on King Street near Church Hill.

People living nearby fear someone could be injured as pedestrians have to step out onto the road to get past.

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“These bins near church steps are always an eyesore and obstruct the pavement,” said Michael O’Driscoll, of King Street.

Knutsford Guardian: Overflowing bins blocking the pavement on King StreetOverflowing bins blocking the pavement on King Street (Image: Supplied)

“They actually block the pavement.

“I watched a woman with two children trying to get past. It is dangerous.”

Residents say the bins, most left out by commercial premises, have become a serious obstruction, particularly during the past year.

“I know it was after a bank holiday, but these bins have been lined up like soldiers blocking the pavement for at least four days.

“Owners of these bars and cafes do not seem to care about the look of the town and convenience of residents,” said Michael.

“It is irritating that these bins are left out for so long. 

Knutsford Guardian: Residents say the bins are an 'eyesore'Residents say the bins are an 'eyesore' (Image: Supplied)

"They should be taken in as soon as they are emptied and only put out on the morning of the collection.

“It is a running sore and shows contempt for the people who live here and visitors to Knutsford.

“It is time they were made to deal with their bins properly.”

A spokesman for Cheshire East Council said: “Only one of these bins, silver recycling bin, appears to be one that Cheshire East collects.

“However, we urge all businesses and residents not to leave bins on pavements or at the roadside once collections have been made.

“Bins should not be left to cause an obstruction to pedestrians or people with mobility issues or wheelchair users.”

Anyone wishing to report an obstruction of the highway or footway can do so via the fix my street app at