CHILDREN were fascinated to come face to face with creepy crawlies, exotic animals and reptiles.

Curious Critters is one of the events laid on by The Welcome in Knutsford as part of their summer holiday programme.

It gives children from Longridge and Shaw Heath an opportunity to see some animals they would never otherwise encounter.

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Owner Danny Jubb encourages the children stroke all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures.

Sarah Pownall, support coordinator at The Welcome, said: “Curious Critters is one of the most popular events we run.

“Families come back each year.

Knutsford Guardian: Children love gettng up close with creepy crawliesChildren love gettng up close with creepy crawlies (Image: Supplied)

“It is fantastic to see the children’s faces and they love the hands-on experience with exotic animals.

“Danny, who owns Curious Critters, does a fantastic job of making the kids feel at ease and helping them to get the most from this experience.

“You can see the joy on the kids’ faces.”

The event was so well popular last year, The Welcome ran an extra session this summer, attracting more than 55 adults and children.

The visit was funded by Knutsford Rotary.

Andrew Lloyd-Green, president of Knutsford Rotary, said: “We are delighted to be able to continue to support this event.

“It’s a great experience for the kids who learn about, see and touch animals and reptiles they may not otherwise get the chance to meet.”

The Welcome and all the families who attended are grateful to The Rotary for sponsoring the event each year.