TORRENTIAL rain created a mini lake on a village housing estate.

Incensed residents on Dunbar Close in Holmes Chapel say their street has been flooded for three weeks.

Some elderly residents who don’t drive were stranded and had to rely on neighbours for food and supplies.

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One man used a canoe to cross the flood, locals now call ‘Lake Dunbar’.

Knutsford Guardian: Residents rename street 'Lake Dunbar' after three weeks of floodingResidents rename street 'Lake Dunbar' after three weeks of flooding (Image: Supplied)

Joanna Blake said: “Every time we have a lot of rain, it floods.

“This has been an ongoing saga. We’ve had this problem for four years and it’s getting worse.

“Our elderly neighbours can’t get into the village as all the paths were flooded so we all rally round the help them.”

Knutsford Guardian: Elderly residents were stranded by the floodElderly residents were stranded by the flood (Image: Supplied)

Another resident said: “It is frustrating as we keep reporting it but nothing gets done.

“Our cul-de-sac leads to Southlands so this affects a lot of people.”

Knutsford Guardian: Every time it rains a lot residents say their street is floodedEvery time it rains a lot residents say their street is flooded (Image: Supplied)

Three days after the Guardian asked Cheshire East Council for a comment, workmen turned up to clear the water.

Knutsford Guardian: One man used a canoe to get acrossOne man used a canoe to get across (Image: Supplied)

A Cheshire East Council spokesman said: “A Cheshire East Council highways team has attended and jetted the gullies on Dunbar Close, allowing the standing water to clear.

“Gullies vary in the speed with which they can drain water away and some will overflow during heavy rainfall.

“However, in this instance, a problem has been identified with the drainage system at this location and we intend to carry out a further investigation before the end of September.

“Residents will be informed about the planned works, nearer the time, and should notify us about any further flooding issues.”

All residents who experience any flooding issues in the borough should contact the council by calling 0300 123 5020 during normal working hours or 0300 123 5025 out of hours.

A 24/7 emergency response team is available.