THE Bluedot music and science festival is urging Sunday ticketholders to stay away after torrential rain saturated the site.

Organisers said that with ‘a heavy heart’ they were asking fans due to arrive today not to travel to the festival at Goostrey.

The festival, held every year at Jodress Bank observatory in Cheshire, opened on Thursday.

Organisers say they have dealt with ‘unprecedented’ rain.

The decision was made after an all-night battle to save the festival's final day with teams laying over a mile of additional trackway and 130 tonnes of woodchip and pumping out standing water.

Weekend ticket holders currently at Jodrell Bank will not be affected.

Posting on social media, a festival spokesman said: "It was determined that although muddy, the arena ground conditions allowed the event to go ahead with today's programme only for people already present.

“We have had an unprecedented amount of rainfall over the past seven days that has seen the water level reach saturation point during the night.

"This has rendered our day ticket holder car park, pick-up and drop-off point and entrances impassable due to standing water.

Organisers said despite all its efforts, it had reached the point where it was impossible to accommodate more audience vehicles on the site.

Ticketholders for today will be refunded.

The Bluedot statement added they had done everything within their power to accommodate people and they were very sad they were unable to share the festival with those due to come to the festival today.