A POIGNANT new play is being performed to show how music can help people and families living with dementia.

Lost in the Beat has been written by Knutsford writer Andrea Orton, a nurse and psychotherapist.

The music has been co-composed by Di Healey, who runs two choirs in the town, Knutsford Beats and Star Choir, and pianist Richard Badger.

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The drama features Rose, a 45-year-old fun-loving, kind lady who discovers she has Alzheimer’s.

Knutsford Guardian: Writer Andrea Orton wanted to illustrate the power of love and community Writer Andrea Orton wanted to illustrate the power of love and community (Image: Supplied)

The play’s preview evening at Knutsford Little Theatre on June 17 has sold out, but production returns on October 6 and 7 for an autumn performance.

Rose runs a community choir and has always loved music.

When she was young she dreamed of being a singer songwriter.

Knutsford Guardian: Di Healey wrote the musicDi Healey wrote the music (Image: Supplied)

Her mum didn’t share her ambition so she followed a conventional path.

She married Charlie, who loves her dearly, and she has two sons aged 18 and 21.

Andrea said: “The story follows Rose’s painful journey as she, her family and friends experience all the devastating consequences of the diagnosis.

“However, this play is not about having Alzheimer’s.

“It’s about the incredible power of music and community, how the community wraps its arms around Rose and her family.”

The choir is at the heart of the play.

Andrea said: “There are also several sub plots. A love story which comes from heartache.

“Strength that comes from leaving an abusive partner and also comedy from the mean girls, who get their just rewards as no one likes to see bullies win.”

Rose’s best friend, Matt is the pianist for the choir, and she confides in him that she still longs become a songwriter.

He helps her to compose her own music and perform for her family.

Andrea said: “I wanted to illustrate the power of love and community and how music can transcend all mediums, even a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

“How, even in the face of adversity, there is beauty and hope.

“We hope that the audience will leave the theatre feeling joyous and moved by Lost in the Beat.”

The play has been produced by Suzy Bardon, from Knutsford, and had been directed by Abbey Fitzhenry.

For more details visit beatproductions.co.uk