THE discovery of human poo dumped in the woods at the Heath in Knutsford has left residents outraged.

One man posted on social media: “My dog was in the woods and came out covered in human excrement.

“It was a very unpleasant experience having to clean her, she’s a large dog with a fairly thick coat.”

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Another woman told The Guardian she came across human excrement whilst out walking her dog.

She said: “It is absolutely vile. It creates a health hazard for the people and animals who frequent the area.

“I have heard from friends whose dogs have eaten, trodden or rolled in piles of excrement dumped onto the Heath.”

Knutsford Town Council clerk Adam Keppel-Green said: “Following reports of human waste being deposited on the Heath, the Town Council has contacted the landowner, Tatton Group, who are investigating the matter further.

“We await the conclusion of their investigation and what steps will be taken to ensure it is cleaned up swiftly and does not recur in the future.”

A spokesman for Tatton Group said: “We are horrified to hear of this.

“We have taken immediate action on these reports.

“We have been down to the Heath ourselves and are investigating the situation.

“We are asking for information as to who might have done this.

“We will ensure it is fully cleaned up immediately.”