A NEW ice cream parlour offers quirky flavours made from stout, wine, gin, bourbon and purple sweet potato!

Husband and wife Brian and Deborah Brereton started making ice cream during lockdown creating all sorts of crazy concoctions.

Their business, Mobberley Ice Cream Company, has grown so much, they have launched a new ice cream parlour and shop at Dairy Farm on Church Lane.

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The couple only use the freshest local ingredients and traditional methods.

Knutsford Guardian: Brian and Deborah Brereton, owners of The Mobberley Ice Cream CompanyBrian and Deborah Brereton, owners of The Mobberley Ice Cream Company (Image: Rachel Bishop)

American-born Brian started the venture during lockdown after craving for a taste of home.

“When I first moved to the UK, I asked my wife to take me to all the good ice cream places,” said Brian.

“I couldn’t find a single ice cream that tasted great.

“Most were made using powders and mixes and just tasted the same as each other.

“I realised that if I wanted to have some proper all natural ice cream like I tasted in America, I’d have to make it myself!”

Knutsford Guardian: All the ice cream is hand made using traditional methodsAll the ice cream is hand made using traditional methods (Image: Rachel Bishop)

The pair painstakingly make each ice cream base before adding their signature flavours.

No stabilisers or anything artificial is used and everything is hand made.

Deborah said: “When we create a new flavour, everything goes into a little test kitchen where we experiment.

“We keep making adjustments until the balance is just right.

Knutsford Guardian: The couple painstakingly make rich, luxurious ice creamThe couple painstakingly make rich, luxurious ice cream (Image: Rachel Bishop)

“Then we have to scale it up for making it in bigger quantities. First we cook. Then we steep and roast. Then we cool.

“The hardest part is getting everything chilled before it goes in to be churned.

“I take all the freshly cooked ingredients and cool them in an ice bath. “Then it’s over to Brian to work it into the batch freezer and turn it into rich, luxurious ice cream that is like no other around.”

Knutsford Guardian: Big idea original stout is one of the many quirky flavoursBig idea original stout is one of the many quirky flavours (Image: Rachel Bishop)

Two ice cream chefs help produce more than 30 flavours to satisfy the soaring demand.

Customers can choose from classics such as double dark chocolate, real raspberry ripple and heavenly vanilla bean.

More adventurous tastes include roasted cherry and goats cheese, big idea oatmeal stout, chamomile chardonnay, spirit of George gin and orange, bourbon butter pecan and Ube, a purple sweet potato.

The couple are excited about opening their first shop.

Knutsford Guardian: 'Ice cream is a happy product' 'Ice cream is a happy product' (Image: Rachel Bishop)

Brian said: “When we heard that Mobberley Brewhouse were moving somewhere bigger and the shop was going to be available, we jumped at the chance to take it on.

“It’s great to be opening our ice cream parlour at this farm.

“The people of Mobberley have always been so supportive and we have lots of connections with this place.

“Those days in lockdown when people would come out to buy ice cream, even in the cold and pouring rain, that’s when we made a real connection with this place and the people who live nearby.

“Ice cream is a happy product.

Knutsford Guardian: More than 30 flavours are availableMore than 30 flavours are available (Image: Rachel Bishop)

“We want everyone to come down to the parlour and be happy.

“We’d love this to be a place you’ll want to come with your family and friends, rain or shine, to put a smile on your face.”

Hot and cold drinks will also be served alongside brownies, ginger biscuits and shortbread.

Take home tubs will be available as well as ice cream milkshakes and sundaes.

Local products used in their ice cream, such as honey from Bax Bees, sticky toffee puddings from Jo’s Sticky Toffee Pudding, fudge from The Yum Yum Tree Fudge Company will be stocked.

Mobberley Ice Cream Company has been selling ice cream since August 2020 when the couple launched a lockdown business at Greenoaks Farm.

They quickly outgrew the premises and need a bigger space to make and store the ice cream.

The renowned Emery Thompson batch freezer, imported from America, is one of the unique aspects of their production.

This state-of-the-art machine allows for the suspension of ingredients in ice cream, resulting in special frozen treats.

It allows alcohol to be included in recipes because of the control it provides over the freezing process.

This is the same machine used by companies like Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen-Dazs.