A KNUTSFORD company is providing specialist equipment to shred 20 tonnes of old spruce that tops the fences used on the Grand National course.

CRJ Services has been commissioned by the Jockey Club, which owns the Aintree course.

The spruce is used to give horses and jockeys some leniency when clearing the fences at the world famous racecourse.

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A large collection of waste brash needed to be shredded and utilised as mulch across the racecourse.

The Knutsford firm has high-speed shredders which can to be hired with an operator, ideal for customers who have no prior experience of operating machinery of this kind.

Knutsford Guardian: Specialist shredding equipment turns spruces into much to be spread across Aintree racecourseSpecialist shredding equipment turns spruces into much to be spread across Aintree racecourse (Image: CRJ Services)

Rob Symons, operations director at CRJ Services, said: “Having been appointed by The Jockey Club after last year’s Grand National, we are delighted to partner once again with Aintree to support the racecourse in the aftermath of their showpiece event.

“Whilst the excitement of the Grand National itself draws to a conclusion, there is now lots of work to be done.

“The shredding of the spruce from these famous fences is an important part of this – with the machine able to produce a material that can be used for other purposes around the Aintree estate, maximising efficiency and sustainability at the course.”

CRJ’s high-speed shredders are available on short and long term hire and can be supplied with an operator if required.

The shredders are versatile machines and can be deployed to shred a wide range of materials, such as green waste, biomass, waste wood, household waste, UPVC, and a variety of pre-shredded materials to produce graded products.

For more information visit crjservices.co.uk