A PICKMERE dad has avoided a driving ban to provide transport for his children and keep employees in work.

Wayne Nuttall pleaded guilty at Chester Magistrates Court on March 27 to failing to give police information to identify a driver suspected of committing an offence.

The 37-year-old stone mason, of Wayfarers Court, was asked by police for information relating to the identity of the driver of a Vauxhall Vivaro at Plymouth in Devon on June 16, last year.

Magistrates decided not to impose a totting disqualification due to mitigating circumstances.

The court heard that Nuttall lives in a rural area without any public transport links.

“The defendant’s wife works as a police officer and, as such, works shifts which means she cannot help with child care day to day,” the court was told.

“The defendant is a stone mason and has three sub-contractors reliant on him to generate work.”

Nuttall was fined £324 and ordered to pay £110 costs and £34 victim surcharge.

His driving licence was endorsed with six penalty points.

The defendant’s guilty plea was taken into account when the sentence was imposed.

Nuttall was given permission to pay the £468 court bill at the rate of £100 per month starting on April 24.