COMING face to face with a gentle owl was an uplifting experience for a 99-year-old woman.

Residents at Brookview Bupa Care Home had a hoot of a time during an animal therapy session.

Owls visited the Alderley Edge home to bring a sense of calm and boost the wellbeing of residents.

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Christina Roberts, 99, said: “I really loved seeing the owls. It was my first time holding them and it was very therapeutic.

“I was over the moon to see them and it made my day.

Knutsford Guardian: Jill Enstone captivated to hold an owl in her handJill Enstone captivated to hold an owl in her hand (Image: Brookview Bupa Care Home)

“I hope we get to see them again soon.”

The Feathery Folk, a family run bird of prey encounter business based in Cheshire spoke about the owls.

Residents were able to stroke and hold the owls and interact with them.

In a relaxing, informative session, they learnt about the birds' characteristics, habitats and how they are looked after.

Anne Wilshaw, 86, said: “I had a lovely time holding the owls.

“My favourite part was when they were flying across the room and walking across a mat on the floor.

“It really made me giggle!”

Knutsford Guardian: Carer Rebecca Watson and resident Howard Blankley intrigued to learn more about owlsCarer Rebecca Watson and resident Howard Blankley intrigued to learn more about owls (Image: Brookview Bupa Care Home)

Experts believe animal therapy sessions help to create a sense of calm.

Residents took part in a wildlife quiz before the visit to brush up their bird knowledge.

Colette Mills, activity co-ordinator who organised the event, said: “It was a wonderful afternoon with the visit from Feathery Folk and was thoroughly enjoyed by our residents.

“It was a very educational and interactive session and for lots of our residents it was their first experience holding such amazing birds.

“Over time we have seen the positive impacts from animal therapy sessions, boosting our residents’ moods and offering them new experiences.”

The team plans to host more animal therapy sessions in the coming months.