HAPPY days in the classroom were brought back to life for a retired English teacher.

Margaret McKinley, a resident at Care UK’s Cranford Grange in Mobberley, joined a nationwide project to celebrate National Storytelling Week.

The 91-year-old read Mr Happy to two-year-old George Daine, a grandson of a member of staff.

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Margaret said: “Reading from a young age has astonishing benefits for children, particularly in early years where reading helps stimulate the imagination.

“My passion has always been English literature and having not taught for a number of years, it brought back so many fond memories of my time spent teaching.

“It also reiterated the importance of parents or grandparents sharing their interest of books at an early age with their children.”

The campaign ensures children who may not have a grandparent do not miss out on a magical tale before bedtime.

Knutsford Guardian: Retired Margaret McKinley said reading bedtime stories 'brought back fond memories'Retired Margaret McKinley said reading bedtime stories 'brought back fond memories' (Image: Care UK Cranford Grange)

Lisa Burrows, general manager at Cranford Grange, said: “We see many of the residents’ grandchildren and team members’ grandchildren when they visit their loved ones, so these reading sessions were a wonderful way to spend time with familiar faces.

“Reading stories aloud to their young listeners required residents to use skills they might not have utilised for some time.

“By using a variety of voices and different sounds they really brought the characters to life and were able to hold the attention of the children.

“Not only was the session heart-warming for everyone involved, but it was fantastic for boosting residents’ confidence.

“It was wonderful to spend quality time with the younger generation of visitors who come to the home on a regular basis.”