A FLY-TIPPER was arrested as he was about to jet off on holiday, a court has heard.

Craig McCullough was traced after his white van was caught on camera ramming locked farm gates before dumping waste in a Cheshire field.

The 34-year-old was detained by Border Force officers in passport control ‘prior to jetting off to the sun’, the police said.

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The defendant, from Nettlebarn Road, Wythenshawe, admitted criminal damage and fly-tipping following an investigation by Cheshire Constabulary’s Rural Crime Team.

The fly-tipper appeared at Crewe Magistrates on December 30, last year.

McCullough pleaded guilty to causing the deposit of controlled waste on land without a permit and being the unregistered carrier of controlled waste in the course of business for profit.

His van was seen on CCTV reversing at speed several times through locked farm gates before a large amount of waste was fly-tipped on private property.

Knutsford Guardian: Craig McCullough's van was caught on camera repeatedly smashing the gates of a farmer's field to dump wasteCraig McCullough's van was caught on camera repeatedly smashing the gates of a farmer's field to dump waste (Image: Cheshire Police)

McCollough advertised himself on social media as a man with a van collecting waste.

The defendant picked up waste from an address in Macclesfield and dumped it in a farmer’s field on Castle Mill Lane in Ashley on May 16, 2022.

He had been paid to dispose of the waste correctly.

CCTV subsequently captured a van at the scene and officers began an investigation.

Paperwork found in the waste provided details of the address it had been removed from.

This, in turn, led to the identification of the culprit and officers discovered the van was registered to him.

But despite best efforts, McCullough evaded them until he was eventually caught by Border Force officers as he attempted to board a plane.

PC Jim Clark said: “Instead of disposing of the waste correctly and despite having no relevant licence, he took the waste off the unsuspecting resident.

“He reversed onto a farmer’s field, repeatedly smashing the gates to gain access causing thousands of pounds of damage, before dumping the waste.

“We gathered our evidence and brought him before the courts to ensure justice was done.”

McCullough was fined £576, ordered to pay £4,520 compensation, £120 costs and £50 victim surcharge.

PC Clark added: “I hope this goes to show that we do take rural crime seriously and that this sends a message to fly-tippers that this is not a crime you can get away with here in Cheshire.

“Anyone who is looking to get rid of waste should always be wary and make sure that the person offering to take your waste has the relevant licence - otherwise the trail could come back to you, and you could end up being held responsible and face a fine.”