SPECIAL areas steeped in history and heritage around Knutsford are being reviewed.

Residents are now being invited to have their say on two of the town’s conservation areas.

Heathfield Square, built as 'homes for heroes' returning from the First World War, is one of the areas being reviewed.

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Knutsford Town Council is currently working with Donald Insall Associates to undertake a review of four conservation areas, starting with Heathfield Square and St John’s.

Conservation areas are designated places of ‘special architectural or historic interest where it is desirable to preserve and enhance the character and appearance’.

Five of the 77 conservation areas in Cheshire East are in Knutsford.

Cross Town (designated in 2006), Heathfield Square (2006), Legh Road (1976), Town Centre (1989) and St John’s (1994).

Following a commitment made in the Knutsford Neighbourhood Plan, the Town Council is leading a review of the five conservation areas in the town.

A key part of conserving a conservation area is having an up-to-date appraisal and management plan.

This ensures that their special qualities are understood and their character and appearance are not compromised by development proposals and small-scale incremental change.

Work on the Legh Road conservation area appraisal and management plan was completed in 2021 and is awaiting formal public consultation from Cheshire East Council.

The Heathfield Square conservation area was last appraised in 2006 when it was created.

This small area comprises the town’s first council houses, built as ‘homes for heroes’ after the First World War.

St John’s conservation area covers the Victorian housing along St John’s Road, St John’s Avenue and County Terrace as well as some of the houses on Bexton Road.

There is currently no appraisal or management plan for this conservation area.

Residents interested in these conservation areas are invited to share their views on Saturday, November 19 at the Town Council Offices.

Two engagement drop-in sessions will be held from 10.30am to 12 noon and from 12.30pm to 2pm.

Work on the town centre and Crosstown conservation areas will start early in 2023.