WEEK three in the Knutsford and District Amateur Snooker League included strong 6-1 wins from Mobberley C and Mere A.

Mobberley C's victory came in a derby match against their B team and lifted them to second in the table.

Rick Tims' 118-point frame was the stand out performance in the match.

Mere A's win was against Tatton C in a match that had ton-plus scores for Alex McDonough and Paul Baston.

The three teams that started the week unbeaten all lost to leave things really tight at the top of the table - just four points separating 1st and 10th.

Tatton A remained at the top of the table despite losing 5-2 to Mere C.

Wilmslow Cons lost 6-1 to Tatton B for whom Steve Bond had a 32 break.

Morley Green were the other peviously unbeaten team and they lost 4-3 against Shaw Heath in a clash of last year's top 2 teams that included a 30 break from Olly Kelly.


Mobberley C 6 - 1 Mobberley B

Tatton C 1 - 6 Mere A

Mobberley A 4 - 3 Wilmslow Cons B

Shaw Heath 4 - 3 Morley Green

Tatton A 2 - 5 Mere C

Wilmslow Cons A 1 - 6 Tatton B

In the previous week's action, Tatton A scored a 6-1 victory over Mere A.

Pete Blain and David Taylor both had 30+ breaks to underline their impressive start to the season.

Wilmslow A had a dominant 6-1 victory over Mobberley A whilst Morley Green defeated Mere C - helped by a 100+ frame score from their captain, Paul Hart.

Mobberley C picked up their first victory of the season with a 5-2 win against Tatton C. The match had 3 ton-plus frame scores - Alan Williams and Alex Chaplin for Mobberley and Chris Parker for Tatton.

Champions Shaw Heath edged a close game against Mobberley B - Will Cowley's 35 break helped them to a 4-3 victory.

Tatton B got their season off and running with a fine 5-2 victory over Wilmslow Cons B.

Tatton's Steve Prosser had a huge 136-point frame score and Wilmslow's Jason Lawrence impressed again with another ton-plus score and a 30 break.

In the final game, Mobberley A defeated Wilmslow Cons B 4-3 in a tight game in which Mark Newall had his second 100-plus frame score of the season along with a 37 break.


Mobberley C 5 - 2 Tatton C

Mere A 1 - 6 Tatton A

Mobberley B 3 - 4 Shaw Heath

Morley Green 4 - 3 Mere C

Tatton B 5 - 2 Wilmslow Cons B

Wilmslow Cons A 6 - 1 Mobberley A