A CHESHIRE barista is hoping to go from strength to strength as she embarks on a career in music.

Jess Scragg, who works in the Wilmslow branch of Starbucks on Grove Street, wants to bring her own style of country-inspired music to the world.

The 23-year-old, who counts Taylor Swift as one of her big influences, doesn’t come from a musical family, so the experience is very much a learning curve.

She said: “I started writing songs when I was about 16,” she said.

“But I didn’t really know anyone musical, so I didn’t really know how to go about it.

“It was when I got a guitar, I first started to really get into it.

“I’d always written diaries, but for me, writing songs became a much quicker way of writing a diary.

“I didn’t really know what I was doing though because my first song was me just rambling for about 15 minutes.”

Knutsford Guardian: Jess Scragg works in the Wilmslow branch of StarbucksJess Scragg works in the Wilmslow branch of Starbucks

However, the rambling soon subsided, and Jess developed her own sound, which has led to the release of ‘Obsessed With You’ the first of what she hopes will be many songs.

“I love the story-telling aspect of country music,” she added.

“But I love Taylor Swift who is obviously a bit more pop, so I wouldn’t say I have a defined genre as such.

“At the moment, because the writing comes naturally it’s something that I just find a lot of fun.

“I’ve been helped very much by the Wilmslow community, and I’ve met a lot of people while working at Starbucks.”

The song is a fictionalised account of meeting someone for the first time and becoming a little obsessed by the thoughts of what might be.

She said: “It’s based on those feelings when you first start to like someone.

“So you might act normal but really you’re just obsessed with them.

“But then I twisted it a bit to make it more about a super-stalker obsessive thing.

“I’d really like to thank Louis Sullivan who I met at a gig last September, who has produced the song.”

‘Obsessed With You’ is available to stream now via Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.