I have always been clear in my opposition to HS2 and will continue to call for it to be scrapped.

But alongside that, I need to make abundantly clear – if the Government is determined to press ahead regardless and we cannot stop this scheme – there are things that need to happen for my constituents and the wider constituency.

I want answers on a range of issues including transport, construction both in terms of environmental damage and land grab, road closures and the isolation the scheme will cause to parts of the constituency.

Just one example of isolation is the planned closure and diversion of Ashley Road - a busy and important road that connects Ashley to Knutsford and the wider rural area.

It is regularly used by emergency service vehicles, with people travelling to Manchester airport and Wythenshawe Hospital, but that will be significantly affected with everyone driving through Mobberley.

There is also the construction of a viaduct crossing of the A556 at the Lostock Gralam triangle, which will cut a swathe through Winnington wood and destroy 30 per cent of ancient woodland.

We have no information from HS2 on the proposed embankment, but a width at ground level of more than 100 metres suggests that it will go up to 30 metres high, which equates to almost the height of Stockport viaduct or more than six double-decker buses.

In regard to transport my constituents need to know the exact location of Manchester Airport station, how accessible it will be via either the mid-Cheshire lines or the Altrincham Metrolink.

Government also needs to assure me the Wilmslow to Euston line will not be affected and that mid-Cheshire rail line will be put into a cutting.

As for infrastructure, where will the maintenance bases be? Ashley Parish Council made clear it does not want a large, incongruous, permanent industrial facility in the heart of a rural community, especially when its function could be more appropriately carried out Aldersley Rough, which would maintain the entire western leg of HS2 in perpetuity without any need for satellite infrastructure maintenance bases at Ashley or Crewe.

We need answers.

These are just some of the many issues I am raising with Government, along with the suffering of residents and communities who will be affected to differing degrees up and down the line, both during construction and on completion.

I will not give up fighting to get this line scrapped but while plans for it continue – I wanted to assure people I am also fighting for the best outcome for our area.