Police are issuing a warning to people about pointing CCTV cameras beyond the boundary of their property.

CCTV cameras have been praised by police as they can provide useful evidence during police investigations.

However, concerns have been raised that if a CCTV user films beyond their boundary, and onto other people's property, that could be deemed unlawful.

A police spokesman said: "CCTV can deter a criminal from entering an area and can provide a great deal of useful evidence for police investigations.

"It's usually acceptable to install a camera on your own property for crime prevention purposes, but if you film beyond your own boundary, especially into shared space and into other people’s property, this could be deemed unlawful.

"Things to consider include basic privacy and human rights issues along with a need to comply with the General Data Protection Act legislation (GDPR).

"There are also potentially criminal offences of harassment to consider. A simple starting point is the Neighbourhood Watch."

For more on this, visit: www.ourwatch.org.uk.