I have been clear in my opposition to HS2 and will continue to oppose it at every possible opportunity.

However, should this line go ahead we need to be clear what mitigating measures need to be in place locally. These arguments can now be put forward as part of a parallel process (in addition to general opposition to HS2) following a Hybrid Bill being laid in Parliament setting out the plans for Phase 2b which will link Crewe to Manchester. 

The Hybrid Bill allows residents and groups directly affected to submit detailed information about how the route will impact them and make suggestions on what changes should be made.

This is very much about lobbying for mitigation measures (it is not the place to ask for the whole Bill to be rejected). The submissions are then put before a group of MPs on a Select Committee charged with examining the route. The submissions will be considered and the committee will most likely ask people to also make the case in person.

As an MP I will be submitting formal suggestions as part of the Bill process and therefore will be appearing before the committee. There are occasions when the MP is allowed to speak on behalf of residents if they prefer, but for now the most important thing is that submissions are made.

I know the strength of feeling across my contituency and across Cheshire against this line. That was made clear when the online petition against HS2 saw more than 2,000 signatories from across Tatton – the highest number from any constituency opposing phase 2b of the line.

While I wish the entire project could be scrapped and will continue to lobby for that, at this stage we have to focus on getting the best result we can locally if the line is built. 

Many people and groups in Tatton have worked tirelessly unearthing the shortcomings of HS2 both in terms of the fundamental concept of the line and the business itself.

In recent years, residents have tried to negotiate with HS2 in terms of their own properties or mitigating the impact of the line on whole communities.

I have worked with them and raised concerns in Parliament, directly with ministers and at meetings with HS2 time and time again.

We now need to make our voices heard once more and I hope all those affected will do so.

For more information on how to petition please contact my office who will help you or you can contact the Common’s Private Bill office directly on prbohoc@parliament.uk or 020 7219 3250.

Rest assured, I will oppose HS2.