SKIPPING, marbles and hopscotch have revived childhood memories.

Residents at a care home have stepped back in time to show young people how they used to play with their friends.

Staff at Cranford Grange in Mobberley have recreated their favourite games in the home’s garden.

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A tree swing has also been set up for residents to enjoy in the summer as many said this was a relaxing pastime they used to enjoy.

Recalling happy times is part of a Long Lost Hobbies project.

Research has shown that 77 per cent of adults feel that technology has caused many traditional games and skills such as flower arranging, knitting and woodworking to be lost.

Lisa Burrows, home manager at Cranford Grange, said: “We had a fantastic time recreating traditional playground games here.

“For those living with dementia, revisiting a past hobby, such as hopscotch or skipping, can help bring back memories, as well as providing an enjoyable way to connect with others through a familiar activity that once brought joy.

“These positive feelings gained from revisiting fond memories can help decrease stress, reduce agitation, and provide a feeling of success and confidence.

“Residents and team members have loved revisiting their favourite hobbies and discovering new ways to pass the time from younger generations.

“It has been wonderful to hear residents talking about how they first discovered their hobby and the fond memories this interest created.”