PARATROOPERS practising over Tatton Park was just one of the wartime images brought back to life as the town strives to record important historical moments.

Three residents have shared their memories of Knutsford during the Second World War.

The town council has secured lottery funding for an oral history project and is appealing for more people to come forward and tell their stories.

Tony Leadbeater, Enid Leigh and William Cowburn spoke about their recollections on camera.

Knutsford Guardian: Enid LeighEnid Leigh

Interviews were carried out by a volunteer from the community who was given special oral history training.

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The need to take the battery for the wireless to be charged at a garage near the Conservative Club to enable the family to listen to the news was just one of the many recollections.

Knutsford Guardian: William Cowburn has shared his memories of Knutsford during the Second World War as part of an oral history projectWilliam Cowburn has shared his memories of Knutsford during the Second World War as part of an oral history project

The sight of Lancaster bombers taking off and seeing paratroopers practising over Tatton Park were also described in detail.

The interviews will be used to create a documentary film recording the history of Knutsford during the war.

Town clerk Adam Keppel-Green said: “Watching the recordings and hearing the first hand memories of residents from this time is amazing.

Knutsford Guardian: Tony LeadbeaterTony Leadbeater

“We are really keen to reach more of our residents who have memories of Knutsford during this period.

“If that’s you please get in touch and if you know anyone around the age of 85 or over please share this with them or let us know their details.”

The video will include archive footage and photographs from the era to capture the town’s history for future generations.

If you or someone you know could be part of the project please contact Tor Rogers on 01565 653 929 or email