THE Curzon cinema in Knutsford is joining cinemas across the UK to support Ukraine.

In the last three weeks, almost three million people have fled the country following its invasion by neighbouring Russia.

Worldwide support for Ukraine has swelled in that time, with people, locally and nationally, trying to do their bit to help.

To do their bit, cinemas across the UK will be putting on preview charity screenings of OLGA, a new film about a young female Ukrainian gymnast forced to train in exile. 

From each ticket sold, a donation will be made to support Ukraine, with donations going to The Disasters Emergency Committee, which provides humanitarian aid.

The previews are a result of a partnership from 606 Distribution and the BFI, with support from the UK Cinema Association.

It will screen at Curzon Knutsford on March 24 at 6.30pm.

A synopsis of the film states: "A talented teenage Ukrainian gymnast exiled in Switzerland dreams of Olympic gold in Elie Grappe’s multi-award-winning drama.

"Fifteen-year-old Olga is trying to fit in with her new team in her new home. But as she prepares for the European Championship, the Ukrainian people stage a revolution.

"Olga is left a powerless, distant bystander as her mother, an investigative journalist, faces danger as she challenges a brutal regime.

"Can Olga reconcile her personal goals with the history unfolding in her homeland?

"A subtle, tensely handled tale of exile reflecting the pressures on young athletes, the clash between the personal and the political, and young woman’s search for who she is and what she is prepared to sacrifice."