RESIDENTS have been left dismayed and angry after ancient trees have been 'severely pollarded' beside their homes.

People living in the St John's conservation area in Knutsford now fear the trees, which are around 200 years old, may have been damaged.

Cllr Millie Morris said: "It is an absolute eyesore.

"This has been done without any consultation with residents on St John's Road who consider themselves to be custodians of the trees, having previously paid between themselves for proper husbandry a few years ago."

The Bexton councillor sought reassurance from the local authority after hearing tree surgeons at work.

"I heard a chain saw and went to have a look," she said. "I am really passionate about keeping trees.


Four trees have been pollarded and three left untouched in St Johns Avenue

Four trees have been pollarded and three left untouched in St John's Avenue


"We have been told by Cheshire East Council that someone applied to have the trees pruned and offered to pay for it.

"What really annoys residents is that they have a sense of ownership on their street. Now they've been left with an eyesore.

"They are worried that the trees may not survive because of the butchery they have received."

Four trees have been pollarded and three mature trees were left untouched.

Cllr Morris met with residents from St John's Avenue, where the trees are situated, and St John's Road which backs onto the tree-lined road.


Cllr Millie Morris, third from left, with residents

Cllr Millie Morris, third from left, with dismayed residents


"One resident called it 'arboreal vandalism'," said Cllr Morris. "The consensus of opinion was that the pollarding was too severe, that it didn't constitute proper husbandry of the trees and they wanted something to happen to the remaining three trees.

"We've been told that this would cost £2,500 and Cheshire East Council hasn't got they money for this."

The preservation of trees is an issue close to the councillor's heart

"Although I am Conservative, I am very green," said Cllr Morris.

"I support the conservation of mature trees. I want to make sure they are maintained properly.

"It's all very well declaring a climate emergency, but I found out that 81 trees that had preservation orders on in Knutsford were felled between January and August last year."

A spokesman for Cheshire East Council said: “Trees on St John’s Avenue were cut back following an application from a local resident.


“As the trees are located within a conservation area and are owned by Cheshire East Council, a private contractor submitted an application to the council for permission to carry out the maintenance work – which was approved and the work was carried out appropriately. The town council was notified of the works.


“Although there was no requirement for the council to consult with local residents prior to these works taking place, one of our highways’ officers did notify residents of the properties fronted by the trees in question, to make them aware of the planned works.”