GREEN hearts are on display for Valentine's Day.

The environmentally friendly love tokens are among gifts on show at Knutsford Methodist Church alongside poetry, painting and craft work.

The showcase celebrates contributions from a range of members and groups at the Princess Street including the Friendship Cafe, Jolly Tots, Kid's Zone and Guides.

One contributor said: "We've chosen green because the colour symbolises hope for the environment.

"We feel this would be a special opportunity to stress the greed to care for our world at the time of year when folk's thoughts turn to live."

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Knutsford Methodist Church is an eco church, caring for the world and is seeking to embed God's caring creation into the life of the community.

Green hearts were started several years ago by the WI and have been taken up by environmentalists all over the world.

One parishioner saw a similar display in Norwich Cathedral and was inspired to bring the idea to Knutsford.

The green heart display will be open to the public on the afternoon on Sunday, March 6 when the monthly Makers' Market comes to town.