This stunning Grade-II listed villa situated in Knutsford is one of the most expensive on Rightmove. 

The villa used to be the home of renowned architect Richard Harding-Watt, who created large houses and buildings in Knutsford, such as Kings Coffee House and the Gaskell Memorial Tower.

It is on the market for a cool £1.9 million, so whoever buys this will have deep pockets. 

The impressive house has a unique three-story round tower facing the extensive gardens.

Knutsford Guardian: This luxury villa is on the market for £1.9 million (Rightmove)This luxury villa is on the market for £1.9 million (Rightmove)

The property is almost 4,000 sq ft and has four floors, six bedrooms and three bathrooms. 

Inside the villa, there is a traditional feel, with muted tones and classic decor. 

The sprawling gardens are tiered meaning there is a fantastic view from the windows. 

A highlight of the garden is the Grade-II listed Pineapple gazebo with gorgeous stone walls and an outdoor seating area. 

There are iron gates and a detached garage, and the property is set well away from the main road.

Located on Legh Road, a very prestigious and famous road in the town, the house is just 0.4 miles from Knutsford train station.

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