AWARD-WINNING Tatton Perk is preparing to open two new coffee shops.

Mark Lee-Kilgariff launched his Knutsford coffee business three years ago in a distinctive 1976 orange van.

Mark Lee-Kilgariff says it has been an amazing journey

Mark Lee-Kilgariff says it has been an amazing journey

The passionate barista says he now feels like he is 'coming home' as he will once again be able to serve coffee seven days a week in the town.

New licensing rules imposed in 2019 restricted his street trading to only two hours on a Sunday at Booths Park and Moorside.

Tatton Perk at Booths Hall

Tatton Perk at Booths Hall

Dad-of-two Mark, who has won a Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Award for two years running, said: "I will be in Knutsford seven days a week, it's like coming home.

"We have queues all day long on a Sunday, sometimes 30 deep. I'm told constantly that people don't stop because the wait is too long."

Tatton Perk at Booths Hall

The distinctive orange Tatton Park van at Booths Hall

Mark has signed a lease for a flagship coffee shop on the King Street car park beside Moor Park.

The unit is now being fitted out and will be open seven days a week from 7.30am to 5pm and also has a licence.

"It will have 10 seats inside and a takeaway hatch into the car park so people parking or walking past will be able to get coffee," said Mark, who plans to recruit more baristas.



Mark is fanatical about serving perfect coffee

Mark is fanatical about serving perfect coffee


"Having seats inside allows us to become the first place in Knutsford to do other brewing methods," said Mark.

"We will be trying  different things like bringing filter coffee to the table so customers will be able to finish off the process. There will be a little bit of extra interaction.

"There is a Michelin-style coffee guide for using different brewing methods. One day we hope to be listed in this.

"We can also serve coffee based cocktails in the evening, espresso martinis or Spanish Barraquito liqueur coffees."

Mark has also been granted planning permission to convert a former florist's unit at Booth Park.

"This will be a coffee shop with a wider range of food and cakes offering some lunch options for people working in Bruntwood Business Park."

Painstaking attention to detail continues to be a top priority.

"We invest in extremely good, well-qualified baristas," said Mark. "Louise Scarna, who will be managing the new shop, grew up in Italy making coffee with her father for 25 years.

"We are absolutely scrupulous about freshness and the sourcing of our coffee. We always use Atkinsons speciality coffee beans which are exceptional.

"We always serve the best, fresh coffee we possibly can, everything is done to the highest level.

Mark loves his job

Customer feedback means the world to Mark

"Customer feedback means the world to me. We are very proud of our high standards.

"It has been an amazing journey."

Mark, who successfully launched a coffee shop and bar at One Central Altrincham, will be selling fresh coffee beans in the new Knutsford shop.

"We will sell freshly roasted beans to customers to brew at home," said Mark. "When you buy them, we will grind them for you to suit whatever method you're using at home, cafetiere, aeropress, espresso, pour over, along with advice on kit and brewing technique."

Mark currently trades at Moor Park on Sundays and Booths Hall business park Monday to Friday from 8am to 3pm.

"I'm now looking for a new location for the van or I might use it to do lots of smaller community events," said Mark.