PLANS to transform Knutsford's iconic Victorian station house into a restaurant and bar have disappointed Guardian readers.

Puro Property Partnership has submitted an application to Cheshire East Council to change the use of the historic building in Adams Hill from offices into a restaurant.

The property was originally built in the 1800s as a house for the station master and his family following the arrival of the railway line.

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Station House was converted into offices around 1978 by the British Rail Property Board.

Developers want to restore the building to its former glory and create a restaurant and bar as part of the renovation.

However, readers believe Knutsford already has enough eateries and expressed their opposition on social media.

Carly Jo Curbishley said: "Not another one. It was going to be that or a shop of flats.

"The town has everything, pubs, restaurants, cafes, cake shops, ice cream shops, chocolate shops, food shops."

Carly suggested a museum to celebrate the town's heritage would be a good idea, but fears "that won't pull in as much money."

Natalie Nugent added: "Sorry to put a downer on this but really another place to eat out and drink. It's crazy.

"Might as well call the town 'Barford', whatever next, a gentleman's club?"

Kirk Drinkwater said: "Knutsford does not need another bar or restaurant. We have more than enough."

Richard Walker added: "If it was in Wilmslow, it would have been demolished by now."

However, some readers welcomed the proposal.

Michele Hammond said: "Great idea."

Sue Addison added: "I love the work that has been done so far."

Jenny Warrington said: "I'd have something like a bar or restaurant rather than an empty unit with a for sale or to let sign for months."

Emily Dutton added: "Nice warm place to wait whilst waiting for delayed trains."

Sharon Simon suggested: "It could be both a museum and a bar and restaurant."

She cited the example of the restaurant at Irlam Station as 'a great example' of what could be done.