A LOCAL artist is hosting a community art exhibition.

Louise Crawford, creator of Studio 8_47 presents The School of Life at Egerton Place in Knutsford in the run-up to Christmas.

The project aims to bring people together people from all corners of the community providing an opportunity to rebuild social resilience through art.

The exhibition space has been generously donated by MBOSS, the company that owns Egerton Place.

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Knutsford Town Council put the collaborators in touch and donated some art easels to display the workds of art.

Residents, businesses and schools are invited to get involved, through audience participation, where they will be encouraged to share stories, prompted by the artwork, and take place in discussion and debate.

Fellow Alumni artists will be installing various art forms to enhance the viewer experience.

Louise said: "Creative participation and engagement in the arts is a great way to connect and rebuild mental, emotional and social resilience after a period of being uprooted.

Voluntary community art exhibition

Voluntary community art exhibition

"We’ve all experienced a period of destabilisation with a lack of authentic human interaction and our human rituals, which seems to have left a drastically changed landscape and us with submerged anxieties.

"Using art as an observable object can produce more clarity of thought, and create new ways forward through sharing stories and forge new ideas.”   

The goal of the community project is to help audiences to reflect, and to challenge the usefulness of creativity by sparking active imagination.

Colour can penetrate the unconscious mind, triggering unconscious thoughts and making them conscious.

Painting plays a significant role in communication within human history and Louise wants to embrace this tradition, woven into time to improve social bonds and consider our place in the environment.

Louise is interested in the links between art and wellbeing, to form an internal dialogue with the self.

The exhibition runs until December 20 and will be open from 11am to 3pm.