ACTIONS rather than words will determine the success of the climate change conference, say councillors and environmentalists in Cheshire.

World leaders gathered in Glasgow to discuss the global emergency facing the planet at the two-week COP26 conference, which comes to an end on Friday, November 12. 

And while the message to those in power was action is needed beyond talk, for Knutsford town councillor Matthew Robertson, local action is also important.

The deputy chairman of the town council’s environment and general purposes committee said: “Whilst COP26 is needed to concentrate minds on the crucial task of combatting climate change, what will determine whether it is successful or not will not be the words emanating from world leaders but the actions.

“Whilst these actions are a necessity at a global level, local actions are also important and Knutsford is at the forefront of that.

“We all need to do our bit to help tackle probably the biggest problem the planet faces.”

Elsewhere, Tatton Liberal Democrat Jonathan Smith said: "The messages from COP26 are clear and demand action, not just fine words.

"There is no time to waste for radical change in the way we go about our lives, and in the impact we have on the environment around us.

"Our leaders need to have the courage to do things differently, to re-write the 'rule book'.

"All of us need to support the challenging agenda set by the Glasgow Conference. 

It is tempting to think that the whole thing is hopeless; that nothing we can do at a local level will make any difference at all.

"But it can, and will."