A LOUD crash woke a couple up after a tractor trailer careered through their garden wall.

Nigel Parkinson was shocked to discover the damage outside his home on Heath Lane in Knutsford.

The semi-retired events hire manager now fears a serious accident could happen and is calling for the speed limit to be reduced.

"My wife and I were woken up from our afternoon snooze by a thunderous crash," said Nigel, 72. "The whole house shook.

"The damage I subsequently found out was caused by a trailer detaching itself from a speeding tractor just outside my house.

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"If the wall had not been there it would have ended up in our lounge. Had I been going out of my gate at that moment I could have ended up dead."

Garden wall demolished outside Nigel Parkinsons cottage on Heath Lane

The garden wall was demolished outside Nigel Parkinson's cottage on Heath Lane 

An increasing number of lorries and cars, he said, are driving along the single track road outside his cottage.

"It's like a rat run," said dad-of-two Nigel. "The traffic seems to be getting worse. Massive articulated trucks are coming up and down.

"It is worrying to watch telly wondering what's going to come through your window next."

Nigel and wife Lesley, who have lived in the property for four years, are urging drivers to slow down.

The garden wall outside Nigel Parkinsons cottage on Heath Lane was demolished when a trailer became detached from a tractor and ploughed into his garden

Nigel Parkinson is now calling for the 60mph speed limit to be reduced


"The A50 which is a parallel road is 50mph, yet Heath Lane is 60mph, it doesn't make sense," said Nigel, whose postbox is outside.

"At the end of the road there is a sign which says this route is not suitable for heavy goods vehicles yet they bomb up and down here.

"I think it should be 20mph."

The farmer whose trailer caused the damage has apologised to Mr Parkinson and insurance assessors are now in the process of getting the wall repaired.

Cheshire West and Chester Cllr Cllr Mark Stocks, who is taking up the campaign, said: "I have formally requested highways to look at options to reduce speed along there.

"It is only a single track and there are quite a number of potholes.

"I am aware there is a lot of agricultural activity along there. It does concern me that vehicles are travelling too fast."