A NOVEL mural has been created to inspire children to read.

Brightly coloured images of books have been painted onto the walls of Mobberley Primary School.

Local artist Becca Smith designed the mural which features 59 favourite titles chosen by children and staff.

Becca Smith mural


Mum Laura Jackson commissioned the art work as a leaving gift from her family and their four older children who attended the school over the past 13 years.

Laura said: "I felt that images of books would be a great way to promote reading for pleasure.

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"With funding cuts rife in education, few schools now have libraries or librarians, so I felt that it was important that children get to see what an amazing selection of books are out there.

Becca Smith mural

Becca Smith loved painting this commission

"We are in a golden age of children’s literature, and the more we can do to expose them to that, the better.”

Books, she believes, can raise children's aspirations.

Laura said: “Reading for pleasure is not only a great way to pass your time, but also has educational benefits across the board, supporting achievement in every subject, and providing windows and mirrors for every child, into the world around them, and beyond.”

“I think they are great additions to the infant and junior playgrounds. Bright and eye catching, I hope they’ll inspire the children to pick up the titles featured, and seek out more books, for years to come.”

Becca said: "I loved painting this commission. It was a wonderful experience that I'll remember forever and I hope that seeing an artist at work will inspire and encourage some of the Mobberley school children to follow a path in creative arts.

Becca Smith mural

Becca Smith wanted the mural to look hand-painted rather than stencilled or digitally produced

"I was also very excited when the author Neil Gaiman tweeted a photo of one of murals with the comment "what a wonderful wall."

The artist was keen to make the art work look lifelike.

Becca said “In murals like this I take the brief I am given and use painterly approach, meaning the work looks hand-painted rather than stencilled or digitally produced.

Becca Smith mural


"I mixed all the colours as I would with a painting so there is a natural look to the work. I paint quickly so there are fast, loose brush strokes, drips and smudges.

"I like to include little cameos of things that pop into my head or are suggested to me. The children loved the spider I painted on one of the murals as much as the books themselves.”

Pupils loved watching the mural come together and enjoyed spotting their favourite books.

Becca Smith mural


Young boys and girls were fascinated to learn that being an artist was a real job.

Children were surprised to discover that artists were paid and could develop such a rewarding career.

Staff at the school said they took great pleasure from the mural, especially the bright, eye-catching design.

Everyone agreed it is a wonderful and thoughtful gift that will be enjoyed for many, many years.