A SPRINT of the Tour of Britain will take place in Wilmslow next month - and the town council hopes it will raise the profile of the area.

The annual cycling race, held across eight days in September, attracts a roadside audience of more than 1.5 millions spectators, with live coverage shown on TV daily.

Wilmslow Town Council was 'thrilled' to announce that the town will host an intermediate sprint of the Tour of Britain on Thursday, September 9.

Martin Watkins, chairman of Wilmslow Town Council said: "Being selected as a stage partner of the Tour of Britain is fantastic news for Wilmslow.

"As well as being an exciting event for residents, it will raise the town's profile nationally and regionally, attracting visitors to the town, and promoting cycling.

"We hope that Wilmslow’s businesses and schools will embrace the wonderful opportunities it brings."

Knowing that hosting a sprint of the Tour of Britain would have huge benefits to the town, Wilmslow Town Council first agreed to express an interest to the tour’s organisers in March 2021.

The basic cost to the town council of being a stage partner will be £10,000, and the council will work with Groundwork – Wilmslow’s town centre management service – to harness the opportunity to attract visitors from the region into the town centre as part of a series of initiatives to drive footfall to the town.

Wilmslow’s intermediate sprint will be part of stage five of the race, starting from Alderley Park at 11.30am, going through Macclesfield, Rainow and Adlington, before the intermediate sprint in Wilmslow that afternoon.

The race will enter Wilmslow travelling down Dean Row Road, turning left at the Bluebell lights then travelling down Manchester Road to Wilmslow town centre and turning right at the main lights by the Rex.

The sprint continues along Water Lane, concluding prior to the junction with Hawthorn Street.

Stage five will then continue towards Morley Green and beyond.

It is expected that the Wilmslow sprint will take place between 2.30pm-3pm.