A LIFELONG fundraiser has almost smashed her latest ambitious target.

Retired tennis coach Christine Williams embarked on a Walk the World challenge for Save the Children after Christmas and is now approaching the last lap.

The 78-year-old, from High Legh, is determined to reach 1,795 miles, the distance between the charity's UK programmes.

"I am nearly there," said Christine, who has clocked up 1, 670 miles so far. "It has been a wonderful challenge.

"I have always loved walking.

Christine Williams

Christine Williams and granddaughter Everly completed the first 500 miles by Christmas last year

"I just felt I wanted to do something special after being awarded the British Empire Medal celebrating 60 years of fundraising for Save the Children last year."

Christine was inspired to support this charity by her gran after hearing about families struggling to survive.

"I remember my grandmother Annie Melville, who lived in Scotland, telling me that she bought her milkman's son a pair of shoes because they could not afford them," said Christine.

"It was in my mind even as a teenager to help others. I can't think of a child not having a pair of shoes."

Christine started walking to support her granddaughter Everly's first fundraising event in March last year.

The two-year-old is the fourth generation of Save the Children supporters in the family after Christine's mum Chris Lang helped form the Cheadle and Gatley branch of the charity.



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Christine Williams started by supporting granddaughter Everly's first fundraising event for Save the Children

The pair completed 500 miles by December and Christine decided to carry on and has now raised almost £6,000.

"I was a children's nurse before I became a tennis coach," said Christine, who still plays tennis and walks round High Legh every day. "I have always been involved with children.

"You see on television how even in this country there are so many poor people.

" I just feel if I can help somebody, it will make a difference."

Christine Williams

Fundraising stalwart Christine Williams was awarded the BEM for services to Save the Children

Christine's daughter Fiona, 40, said: "It was heartbreaking for my mum and grandma to see so many children suffering all over the world.

"My mum is extremely caring. She is always visiting people, it is ingrained within her.

"This is a story of courage and determination from someone who suffers from ailments such as arthritis and polymyalgia.

"She is the most selfless and inspirational woman.

"She was born to help."

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