A CHESHIRE-based tea business inspired by a resident's time in the army is celebrating its tenth birthday next month.

The beginnings of Tea From The Manor, based in Holmes Chapel near Knutsford, began with James Green, a military man who started his army career in the Royal Horse Artillery.

He then spent many years in active service in Northern Ireland, Hong Kong and Cyprus.

Knutsford Guardian: James aged 16 with a cup of tea in Hong KongJames aged 16 with a cup of tea in Hong Kong

Tea is 'central to a life of soldiering in good times and times of conflict'.

This interest in tea stayed with James and became a passion that sparked the founding of Tea From The Manor.

The business began in 2011 when James and his daughter Charlotte took just a few different flavoured teas to a farmers market.

Now Charlotte is on-board full time as a sales executive, creating a second generation of tea merchants.

Charlotte explained: "We began the tea business in 2011 with just five teas and now we have more than 200.

"My dad has just retired from his duties with the army.

"For more than six years he has attended more than a hundred funerals of the past and present members of the 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery as Escort to the Standard, commonly known as the 'Stick Man'.

"In 2018 he was awarded a gold PPMA (Past and Present Members Association) for his services to the regiment.

Knutsford Guardian: James in his uniform to attend funeralsJames in his uniform to attend funerals

"For the past nine years he has also been awarded a place to march in London, past the cenotaph, in the parade on Remembrance Sunday.

"Today, Tea from The Manor brings the finest full leaf teas from the best tea gardens around the world to delight the palates of its customers.

"Our loose and bagged teas are of the finest grade and taken by those seeking a first class tea experience."

As part of the company's 10 year anniversary in August, Tea From The Manor will be launching a limited edition blend of tea.

Describing the special blend, James said: "I began with a base of Blue Lady tea, one of our most popular blends over the ten years.

"I then added deep coloured rose petals, which means thank you, as I wanted to show our gratitude to our customers and establishments that have shown us generosity and loyalty over the years.

Knutsford Guardian: James in the tea tasting room James in the tea tasting room

"Next I added cornflowers, which are a symbol of refinement.

"They are one of the only true blue flowers in a sea of other flora, therefore making them unique and distinguished, something we hope reflects Tea From The Manor.

"Lastly Jasmine petals were added as some believe they bring good luck and I wanted to bring good luck to Tea From The Manor and all our customers for the next ten years."

To celebrate the milestone, anyone who spends more than £20 in the online shop in August will be entered into a giveaway to win afternoon tea for two at the Chester Grosvenor - and also win a limited edition tea caddy.

There will be 10 per cent off the online shop on its actual birthday on August 12.

Visit teafromthemanor.co.uk to find out more information.