PUB staff say they are relieved not to have to 'police' customers after all coronavirus restrictions have been lifted.

Many bar employees say it was extremely difficult having to impose rules.

No longer having to wear face masks has also been welcomed.

Knutsford town centre

Pubs and bars look forward to welcoming customers back to a more relaxed environment Pictures: Sarah Jane King Photography

Paul McGrath, general manager of The Rose and Crown on King Street, said: "It will be great to be able to run a pub as I've always run it and not feel like I am police vetting people by taking names and number and telling customers where they can sit and stand.

"I am in the business of hospitality and have been for 40 years. It's all about service.

"I will be glad not to have to wear a face covering for 10 hours on a sunny day inside although I understand how important they are for health implications."

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Nick Kettle, assistant manager of Wine & Wallop family cafe bar on King Street, said: "I feel we won't get many people wearing masks if they don't have to.

Knutsford town centre

Hospitality venues hope the relaxing of coronavirus restrictions will attract more customers

"A lot of people coming in said they were sick of masks and signing in.

"We won't have to be so strict on them."

However, some hospitality venues have decided to continue following restrictions.

Knutsford town centre

Knutsford bars, restaurants, pubs, cafes and shops look forward to a busy summer

David Whelan, manager of the Courtyard Coffee House and Restaurant on King Street, said: "We feel we can't go from one extreme to another. We're not going to follow the government relaxations.

"We are going to continue putting sanitisers on tables, sanitising our hands and use disposable hygiene-wrapped cutlery.

"We won't be doing track and trace but we will offer voluntary temperature checks in confined areas.

"We treat each customer as an individual and do what they feel comfortable with."

Knutsford town centre

Some cafes have decided to keep safety measures in place

Harriet Henry, manager of The Tea Room on King Street, said: "We've decided to keep most of the safety measure already in place.

"We will respect people's wishes with regard to mask wearing but will ask people to sanitise their hands on entry and before using the toilet, maintain a reasonable distance from others and offer only table service.

"Many people are still very cautious and we have a very wide age range of customers."

Tables and chairs will still to be sanitised.

Staff have all opted to continue wearing masks.